VISIT FLORIDA Tudou Video Series


Associate Producer/Production Coordinator for VISIT FLORIDA

As part of VISIT FLORIDA's 2016 China Coalition Program, a year-long integrated campaign in China targeting consumers across digital, broadcast and social channels, VISIT FLORIDA produced a series of four 15 minute videos for Quluxing (Go/Fun Travels), a show broadcast on the Chinese digital video sharing platform, Tudou. The show is light and playful with humorous and personable hosts immersing themselves into destinations and sharing their authentic take on it. In popular Chinese fashion, the videos use animated graphics and popups to engage with viewers. 

The series for VISIT FLORIDA is hosted by two popular Chinese entertainers, wife and husband Si Wen Jia and Gao Feng. Si Wen Jia is a talk show host and actress who has made a career of hosting various shows spanning the entertainment, magic and culinary categories. Her funny, quirky personality has made her a favorite among the younger generation, and her recent marriage to Gao Feng, a radio DJ for Shanghai East Radio Station, has made them a sweetheart couple beloved by fans. She is also the winner of China's 2012 TV Entertainment Award for Best Talk Show Host and has a large social following.

As Associate Producer and Production Coordinator on the project, I coordinated the video shoot between our partner destinations and the Chinese production team that came to the U.S. to film. I was involved with script development and I secured locations and created the schedule for filming. I also assisted the production crew with hotel accommodations and transportation, among other details. I represented VISIT FLORIDA during the shoot, escorting and supervising filming across central and south Florida locations. In post production, I ensured timelines were met and the videos followed VISIT FLORIDA brand guidelines.

The series ran March - April 2016 across four major Chinese digital platforms: Tudou, Youku,Tencent and IQiyi. The videos received over 7.5 million views, with an average of 1.44 million per episode. More than 30 million impressions were generated in the media push across desktop and mobile.