travel: college park, orlando, fl

I just got back from two weeks on the road for work, where I visited several cities in central and south Florida. My trip began in Orlando with a stop at College Park upon entering town. College Park is located near Downtown Orlando and is one of the city's older neighborhoods. It doesn't feel like the Orlando you know (or think you know).

This wasn't my first visit to the neighborhood, but I wanted to make a stop to wander around Edgewater Drive before heading to my hotel. I knew of a few colorful murals and some great vintage signs that I was just itching to add to my collection. I really didn't go out in search of anything other than those things, but the shots that I came back with are focused on the details. Not a surprise, since the details are one of my photographic strengths. And of course, I am obsessed with anything and everything colorful that catches my eye.

Take a look at what my eyes saw during my walk around College Park.

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