first friday at railroad square

On Friday evening, I headed over to Gaines Street for First Friday. I had some time to waste before meeting a friend and I was armed with my new 35mm lens I had just bought, so I got to snapping.

The light was all sorts of gorgeous. There's just something magical about sunsets in the fall-- I didn't care that I've photographed this area of Tallahassee so many times before, I just followed the golden glow of the sun.

It led me down into Railroad Square Art Park, where the scene was starting to come alive with people on their way to check out local art galleries and shops. I did a little exploring, always on the hunt for some new street art finds. With the construction almost wound down, it's amazing to see how much the area has transformed, mostly for the better.  

The park is home to some really stylish vintage boutiques like Curio Goods and Wonsaponatime Vintage (shown below). And of course, art galleries like Ivory Tower Collective, which was host to a show by Street Art Tallahassee