fashion: gin + parking garage

As much disdain I have for empty parking lots and garages, I've found garages quite useful for purposes other than parking a car. They can be excellent places to workout when you need shelter from the rain or just a place out of the harsh sun during the summer months. They also make good places for photoshoots.

In this shoot back in August with Gin, we headed to Kleman Plaza's parking garage in downtown Tallahassee. This particular garage has some great details like the green tile and ornate railing. We ventured further in and used some cool windows and other empty spaces to our advantage. My goal was to use a flash to not only provide light in a dark space, but to give the photos some harshness for a gritty, urban vibe. The first few almost look like she's on her way home from a late night out on the town! For details on Gin's outfit, head over to her blog.