taking it to the streets: the atlanta women's march


On January 21st,  I marched (in the rain) because women’s rights are human rights. Because in 2017, it’s ludicrous that women have still not achieved full equality, that so many men and women see strong, independent women as a threat to their social order and therefore must continue to be contained. I marched for equal pay. For reproductive and sexual freedom. For paid maternity leave and child care. For diversity. I marched against violence. Against racism. Against discrimination. Against patriarchy. Against anyone who believes women are less than men.

And finally, I marched because it’s NOT OKAY that a misogynist, racist, ignorant, hate-and-fear-mongering white man is now president of the United States.

these are the photos i captured on this historic day.

Over 5 million people worldwide marched for women's rights, for human rights, for your rights. We marched, united in our opposition to the new president. 

More than 60,000 took to the streets of Downtown Atlanta. Even in the rain, which fell as the march was preparing to begin.

We still showed up in a massive force.

So. Many. People.


We moved our way through the streets, like water rushing down a river, waving signs and chanting,

"This is what democracy looks like."

THIS IS what democracy looks like:

 young, old, black, white, brown, able-bodied, disabled, gay and straight. We were a stark comparison to the inauguration crowd, not just in our numbers, but in our diversity.

Even in the Deep South, in Atlanta, Georgia, we represented the majority of America.


The majority of whom voted to elect Hillary Clinton. 

What happens remains to be seen, but this day represents the majority taking a stand against sexism, discrimination and racism.


We sent a message, one that may have fallen deaf on the new president's ears, but size matters. 

And ours is bigger.

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