an ode to atlanta's seed & feed marching abominable


If you've ever been to one of Atlanta's festivals or parades, chances are extremely likely that you've seen and heard the community band, Seed & Feed Marching Abominable.

My first experience with this eclectic, fun group of musicians was at the Little Five Points Halloween Parade in 2016 within the first two months of moving to the city.


I can't quite remember my next encounter, but it was likely at the St. Patrick's Day Parade, Inman Park Festival, or Atlanta Streets Alive event or any other Atlanta parade/festival you can think of.

Sometimes, I'll even hear them from my apartment window, practicing down the street or making a march through L5P.

I love the energy of this group and watching them perform is a delight.


Keep an ear out for them at the next festival or parade you find yourself at.


for more about the seed and feed marching abominable, go here.