7 photos from another year in atlanta

September 1st marked another year in Atlanta...Year two to be exact. Last year, I shared my favorite photos, so I thought I'd continue the trend, perhaps making it an annual tradition! I took a lot of photos this past year, but these below stood out as favorites. 


I love everything about this photo. The composition and point of view, the way the colors pop against the background, the band (Seed & Feed) and the event it was shot at (Atlanta Streets Alive). 


Riding MARTA always provides great opportunities for photos, and this snap as a train was pulling in with our shadows in that sliver of light just looked cool. It was also taken with an old-school digital camera, aka a digicam, which I've become obsessed with using for fun.


I was taking a walk in my neighborhood one day and had stopped to take a video of that building seen in the image. I was about to leave when these two boys walked up. One of them climbed the pile of rocks and yelled, “I’m the king of the mountain!” The other boy then joined him in climbing up & down that little mountain of rocks. It was a sweet moment.


I started playing with long exposures after the Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade (which also happens to have resulted in another favorite photo below). Neon signs have fascinated me for a long time, and I began experimenting with different ways of photographing them. 


This shot was taken during one of my favorite days maybe ever - the day it snowed (and snowed and snowed) in Atlanta last December. 


After seeing some cool light painting photos of the Atlanta Beltline Parade the previous year, I thought, I want to try that! So, I found a spot with a great view, set up my tripod, and had my own fun using long exposures to create these colorful images. It set me off on a night photography/long exposures kick.


This photo is the epitome of the last days of summer in the city. A hot evening calling for cooling off in the fountain. So much joy from those kids playing in the water.

Mallory Brooksatlanta