a week in lisbon, portugal

ah, lisbon. how i fell for thee.

she's not my first love, nor my only love.

but the thing with cities, you can love more than one.

which is a good thing, because i can easily be charmed and there are so many out there i haven't yet met.

like prague, lisbon wasn't on my radar. but she seemed interesting, so i wanted to meet her, to learn more about her.

her beauty is stunning in its imperfections. she's real, and you can see it in her glow. 


you see, the light that shines on her surface is unlike anything you've ever seen. it's magical.

"golden hour" is no exaggeration here. with every sunset, you find yourself chasing her through the alleys and climbing up hills just to get a glimpse.

oh, and those azulejos!

she wears them like jewelry, showing off her personality. 

seducing you with Her winding curves...


her red roofs...


and her views.


oh, lisbon.


she's hypnotizing.