4 ways to live like a parisian

it's no secret that Parisians lead an envious lifestyle. From their cuisine to their fashion to their leisurely pursuits, french culture is a model for a life well-lived (and well-dressed). Here are four observations on parisian life and how you can incorporate them into your own visit.


1. lounge around in parks

Public green spaces are havens in cities, and Paris is no exception. When the weather is nice, you'll find residents socializing, relaxing or picnicking in parks and the banks of the river and canals. Many of these parks come with pretty sweet views, too: hang out on the lawn surrounding the base of the eiffel tower, stroll along the original high line, or climb to the top of parc de belleville where the entire city is displayed before you.


2. Indulge without guilt

The cliche is true: the French really are all about those baguettes. And buttery, flaky croissants. and countless sweet and savory treats. Boulangeries and patisseries are in abundance to satisfy the parisian appetite for carbohydrates. do as the locals do and pick up a loaf of crusty goodness and don't be shy about taking a big bite as you carry it home with you. Du pain et des idees is one of the best boulangeries in the city and Coquelicot is well worth a stop when in montmartre.


3. move by metro

Parisian streets are meant for wandering, but when your feet can't take one more step or you need to travel fast or long distances, the metro is waiting. The paris metro is one of the best public transport systems in the world, and a stop is never far away. Easy to navigate, inexpensive and clean. Depression will set in upon return to your car-centric American city.


4. but first, coffee (or wine)

Is there anything more French than the cafe? the French are just as serious about their coffee and wine as they are about the establishments where the beverages are served. To sip un verre du vin or une tasse de cafe outside on the sidewalk is an experience to savor. Cafes are prime locations for people-watching and taking an afternoon break to wind up or wind down. a few to check out: La Fourmi in montmartre, chez jeanette in strasbourg-Saint-denis and chez prune in canal st. martin.