wandering atlanta's castleberry hill neighborhood

I spent a beautiful but chilly December Saturday exploring Atlanta's Castleberry Hill neighborhood. I took MARTA to the Dome station, and then walked 10-15 minutes along Centennial Drive which turns into Walker Street, one of the neighborhood's main roads. I'm trying to take advantage of public transit and my own two feet whenever I can, and it was very easy to access the area without a car.

Castleberry Hill is Atlanta's only surviving warehouse district, and as such, has earned itself a place on the National Register of Historic Places. Located south of Downtown Atlanta, the area is experiencing a revitalization by artists and creatives who are setting up galleries and shops and converting old warehouses into loft spaces for living. 

The neighborhood is a popular film location, and it's likely many of these buildings will look familiar from the numerous movies and TV shows that have been shot in the area. I'm a Walking Dead fan, and as I roamed around, I found myself feeling a sense of deja vu...I've seen these places before on screen.

Castleberry has many of the things I seek out when wandering: it's old, it's got character and some grit. Here's what I saw during my afternoon wandering.

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