travel: new orleans

Alright, now that almost a month has passed since my visit, I finally have my pictures from New Orleans ready to share! If you follow me on Instagram, you might think I never left the Big Easy. This was another spontaneous solo trip--I wanted to take advantage of a day off of work from the Fourth of July holiday and was craving a colorful, interesting place with plenty of photo ops that wasn't too far of a drive from home. New Orleans met this criteria, so I booked a room via Airbnb, and hit the road.

This was my second visit to the city, and I'm glad I went back and was able to discover more of this vibrant city. I stayed off the beaten path just north of the up-and-coming Bywater neighborhood. And I practically explored every inch of it! Though, I did get heckled a few times by locals who weren't thrilled with my presence (the area is rapidly gentrifying). But most people I encountered were friendly. 

I toured the city by foot and by bike, which is always the best way to explore. My favorite thing about New Orleans is how colorful it is--from the houses to the people, nothing is bland here. It was a visual feast for my eyes and the inspiration I desired.

Speaking of visual feasts, enjoy NOLA through my eyes below. I'll have more later this week!