travel: st. augustine, florida

A couple of months ago, I found myself in St. Augustine, Florida for a video shoot for work. I'd been to St. Augustine twice prior to this visit, both day trips. The first time was in fourth grade (a rite of passage for Floridians in the public school system), and the second was two years ago as a field trip at my company. This visit, I was able to spend more time in the city, though it was packed with two full days of shooting with our agency, SPARK. The weather couldn't have been a more perfect couple of fall days--full of blue skies, sunshine, and temperatures in the 70s (though we did have to wait a few hours in the a.m. for the fog to burn off). Of course I had my camera with me at all times and managed to get in a little exploring on my own. Here are some scenes I captured during my visit in the country's oldest city.

Most of these are shot using my Canon 35mm f/1.8, but the scenes of the parade were shot using Canon's 70-200mm f/2, which I borrowed from the crew. (Added to my wish list!)