travel: take me out to the ball game

I'm not a Cubs fan (nor really a baseball fan in general), but I did get to experience a little taste of the excitement surrounding Wrigley Field on a Sunday afternoon during my visit to Chicago. 

I was headed north on the Red line towards Rogers Park to check out some of the murals that were in the neighborhood. I noticed more and more Cubs fans joining the train as we traveled north,  and when we got to Addison, I decided to hop off with all the fans and check out the area. Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs are legendary, after all.

It was a chaotic yet energetic scene to behold. My camera battery was running low, so I had to be quick. I used the old "shoot from the hip" technique for most of them because I felt like I stood out too much and wasn't feeling patient. My goal was to capture the energy of the Cubs' pre-game atmosphere. I now realize some of this excitement probably had to do with the fact they were having a winning season finally! 

Maybe next visit I'll stay for a game. 

All photos taken with a Fujifilm X100t camera and processed with Replichrome in Lightroom.

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