fashion: that '70s style

The '70s are back.

Well, in fashion, at least. 

I'm loving the revival of the decade in fashion, with its rich colors and retro silhouettes reinvented with a modern touch. A flashback, yet freshly 2015. 

I've been so inspired by the trend that I knew I had to do a photo shoot for fun. I recruited my favorite local fashion blogger, Gin, and my always fashionable co-worker, Becca, to be my models. Both are wearing vintage pieces--Becca's A-line skirt is her mother's and Gin found her dress on Ebay for $5!

My vision for the shoot was "sophisticated modern '70s":  Muted tone with pops of rich colors. Urban setting, with retro elements. A little gritty. Vintage car.

Everything but the vintage car worked out. 

I scouted the city for several weeks, trying to decide on a location. I finally settled on my office park, which on most occasions I refer to as a bland, ugly piece of suburban misery. It is opposite of the urban setting I desired, but I managed to look past the flaws and saw opportunity in the colors and lines of the buildings. I'm happy I did, and you'd never guess it was shot where it was.

Have a look for yourself and let me know what you think!

All images shot with my Canon 5D classic and 85mm 1.8 lens.

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